Germans vs jews world domination

Deletion of quote: "If the Jews had not existed, we would have had to invent them. I have removed this quote as it is not by Rauschning but rather him reporting an alleged conversation with Hitler:. All else is facade and illusion. Even when we have driven the Jew out of Germany, he remains our world enemy. It is essential to have a tangible enemy, not merely an abstract one. Davidbeare talk , 15 June UTC.
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Common Questions about the Holocaust

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The Protocols of the Elders of Zion - Wikipedia

Hitler did not make the Holocaust happen by himself. This activity PDF explores the question in greater detail by considering the level of responsibility of individuals in all walks of life, both inside and outside Germany. Similar to their fellow citizens, German Jews were patriotic citizens. More than 10, died fighting for Germany in World War I, and countless others were wounded and received medals for their valor and service. The families of many Jews who held German citizenship, regardless of class or profession, had lived in Germany for centuries and were well assimilated by the early 20th century. From —39, the German government passed and enforced discriminatory laws targeting Jews at a relatively gradual pace. Up until the nationwide anti-Jewish violence of , known as Kristallnacht, many Jews in Germany expected to be able to hold out against Nazi-sponsored persecution, as they hoped for positive change in German politics.
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Russian TV uses Nazi film in segment advancing Jewish world domination theory

The existence of an international Jewish conspiracy or international Zionist conspiracy is an anti-Semitic canard which regularly features in various racist conspiracy theories. The blood libel , the conspiratorial slur that Jews kill gentile babies to use their blood in the preparation of Passover matzos, dates back to antiquity even back to before the advent of Christianity [2]. In medieval Europe , popular wisdom commonly blamed outbreaks of disease on Jews poisoning wells; such attitudes and accusations could lead to pogroms , murders , and the governing authorities forcing Jews to live in segregated areas of cities called ghettos. Only in modern times did the Catholic Church stop assigning blame to the Jews for their purported deicide of Jesus Christ.
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Hitler was never much fun. He had breakfast when other people were ready for lunch, and his personal staff were often obliged to sit up half the night while he held forth on the past triumphs of the Nazi party. Wagner, Beethoven and Strauss were always available on record and, on most evenings, movies were shown, which the chauffeurs of visitors might be invited to attend. Yet nobody found it pleasant to be close to Hitler.
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