Facial swelling in pregnancy

Some swelling after being on your feet all day or that trip to the Chinese restaurant would be normal. Taking breaks and drinking lots of water while avoiding excessive sodium will usually make this swelling temporary. On the other hand sudden weight gain and facial swelling where your nose is disappearing may be a sign of preeclampsia or pregnancy induced hypertension. If you experience sudden swelling, headache or visual changes make sure to notify your OB or Midwife immediately.
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Swelling in the Third Trimester: What's Normal, When to Worry, What to Do

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Things That Make You Swell When You're Pregnant - UnityPoint Health

As pregnancy progresses, fluid may accumulate in tissues, usually in the feet, ankles, and legs, causing them to swell and appear puffy. This condition is called edema. Occasionally, the face and hands also swell. Some fluid accumulation during pregnancy is normal, particularly during the 3rd trimester. It is called physiologic edema. Fluid accumulates during pregnancy because the adrenal glands produce more of the hormones that make the body retain fluids aldosterone and cortisol.
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How to Treat Swelling in Face & Hands During Pregnancy

Most women get swollen ankles and feet while pregnant. Knowing what to look for and how best to manage it can help you stay as comfortable as possible. Avoid standing for long periods of time, put your feet up when you can and wear comfortable shoes if you have swollen feet. For these reasons, your blood tends to pool in your legs. There, a small amount of blood leaks through tiny blood vessels into the tissues and produces the swelling you can see and feel.
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If you've never heard of the term "cankles," chances are high that you will know all about it in your third trimester. Swelling aka "edema" in your feet, ankles, and hands throughout pregnancy and especially as your pregnancy nears the end is very common and normal. These excess fluids also pool in your bodily tissues and joints, which is necessary to allow your body to soften in order to expand throughout pregnancy as well as prepare for birth. The good news is that while annoying and somewhat "unsightly," swelling in pregnancy is not overly painful and there are several things you can do to find relief.
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