What age does a boys voice get deeper

A voice change or voice mutation , sometimes referred to as a voice break , commonly refers to the deepening of the voice of people as they reach puberty. Before puberty, both sexes have roughly similar vocal pitch, but during puberty the male voice typically deepens an octave, while the female voice usually deepens only by a few tones. A similar effect is a voice crack , during which a person's voice suddenly and unintentionally enters a higher register usually falsetto for a brief period of time. This may be caused by singing or talking at a pitch outside the person's natural vocal range , stress, emotional tension, or the physical changes associated with puberty.
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What Happens When My Voice Starts Breaking?

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Stages of puberty: what happens to boys and girls - NHS

Although voice breaking in boys typically lasts a short time, this stage can be very embarrassing for those experiencing it, delivering a blow to their self-esteem. Parents may feel at a loss with how to make their child feel more confident with themselves while they face this stepping-stone on the way to manhood. A key move toward helping your son reconcile with his changing voice is giving him the information to understand what is going on. The increase in the production of the hormone testosterone tells the body to begin its development into an adult. At this time, boys will most likely also be experiencing body odor and growth of body hair — check out our post on teaching kids about proper hygiene for more on how to handle that part of puberty. The progression of puberty can be tracked using the Tanner stages , a scale that charts the development of boys and girls from puberty into adulthood.
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Your Child's Changing Voice

Your voice may change twice in your lifetime — first, due to hormones and, later, to aging. Later on, as you age, you may notice other changes, such as weakening of the voice. Cleveland Clinic is a non-profit academic medical center. Advertising on our site helps support our mission. We do not endorse non-Cleveland Clinic products or services.
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When does voice change occur for boys going through puberty, and what does it mean? Puberty is predictably unpredictable , for both girls and boys. You know your child will go through the stages of puberty, but you don't always know when those symptoms will present themselves. Boys experience voice change during puberty , and the change can happen anywhere between the ages of 10 and
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