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Every dog has this unique inherent trait that sets him apart from other dogs. Sometimes, these habits or traits can become a cause for concern, especially if they occur in an obsessive and unnatural pattern. If your dog developed a habit of licking your carpet obsessively, then you need to figure out why your pooch is doing this in order to nip this odd behavior in the bud and fast. Excessive licking of surfaces, also known as ELS, drives your pooch to lick more than just your carpet. This licking issue may extend to floors, furniture and even walls.
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Why Does My Dog Lick The Carpet?

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Why Does My Dog Lick The Carpet? - PetPlace

But what happens when your dog starts licking some other things, like for example, the carpet? If your dog suddenly starts getting overly familiar with the floor, there are a few causes that may be irresponsible. Dogs have evolved to a point where they can sometimes subconsciously try to cure or correct any deficiencies that they perceive in their diet. Sometimes those cures can take place through some unusual means — like licking or eating inanimate objects, such as carpeting.
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Lick Carpet - Deluxe Magnet

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Some dogs chase their tails, while others like to roll around in the foulest smelling thing they can find in the back yard. My normally fearless Rottie is absolutely petrified of plastic grocery bags. Many dogs lick the occasional carpet, but some dogs are such dedicated floor lickers that veterinarians have coined a term — excessive licking syndrome — for the condition. It is important to distinguish between isolated instances of floor-licking behavior and the nearly constant, obsessive licking that characterizes excessive licking syndrome.
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